Novocat is a free online collectibles management tool
Easily and quickly organize, catalog, manage and share your collectibles of records, stamps, art, wine - you name it!

Get started in just minutes - It's FREE!

Our mission is to give both collectors as well as dealers/shop owners a free tool to display and inventory your collectibles online with your own web address.

Now there is no need to build a website nor hire a programmer. Novocat provides everything you need to manage and share your collection online - FREE!

We suggest you start off by entering just a few items - perhaps start with your most favorite items.

We eagerly desire your feedback and participation to improve the user experience and to enhance functionality.

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What can you do with Novocat?
  • Organize & manage your collectibles online
  • Customize any collection topic to your collecting needs
  • Manage inventory and track investments
  • Export collections and sales/value reports
  • Display your collection online with your own web address (private or public)
  • Share & connect with other collectors
  • Search & browse member's collectibles
  • Sell & trade with members

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